About Us

Two partners with 50 years combined experience in the button industry. We supply the most popular Fashion Design companies with the latest styles from Europe and all over the world.Buttonology, Inc. began on March 1st, 2005. With Richard's experience in high volume button sale's and Teddy's experience with fine European buttons, we have created a unique niche. Our customers range from new small design companies to some of the best known designers in the world. We are considered to have one of the best button lines in the United States. We constanly hear from our customers that we have breathtaking buttons that they've never seen anywhere else. We are constantly searching the world for the most beautiful new buttons that can be found.

Richard Levy
Email: Richard@ButtonologyInc.com
Phone: 212 768 3342
Fax: 212 768 4395

Teddy Haft
Email: Teddy@ButtonologyInc.com
Phone: 212 768 3342
Fax: 212 768 4395


Buttonology has been a very helpful resource and consultant. I recommend them to anyone who is looking for button providers.

Luc Cisna

Richard and Teddy at Buttonology have a good inventory of buttons, a wealth of knowledge and a sincere desire to help their customers create great garments. They work well with all sizes of customers and are easy to be around. Highly recommended.

Mark Paigen

Great place to get all the buttons you want! Very convenient location in the garment district. They take big and small orders in buttons, which is hard to find. Great prices and great selection in their inventory. Also, the guys at Buttonology are great people and have a fantastic service. I always recommend Buttonology to the companies I work with, big or small.

Boaz David